Who We Are

TK Integrated Fire & Security was established in 2013, and true to the vision of the founders, it became one of the fastest growing organizations offering safety and security solutions. This is because of the values that have always been at the forefront of our operations: honesty, professionalism, reliability, competency and a pro-active approach to all situations.

Driven By Excellence

Since our inception, we have put our weight behind the satisfaction of our clients, whether big or small, to ensure our reputation as a trusted, capable supplier. As a result, we have been working continuously on improvements and knowledge acquisition as we learned and understood our client needs better.


Our vision is to be an organization that is renowned for serving clients honorably, with pride, honesty, trustworthiness and commitment.


Our mission is to become a well-known, trusted name in the industry of security systems through the excellent execution of our projects.

We have a good team. I am happy that we are all about learning and continuous improvement; that is the way to leave a lasting impression.

Tshepo Phokobye - Director